Why Join a Co-op?

We attend a weekly co-op that uses Catholic Schoolhouse. If you look at the website, you can view a You Tube video that explains more about it. After watching the video, you will see why it is a blessing to join a co-op! It really adds to any homeschool program, and it is a blessing to all of the families involved.

At the co-op, the Grammar tutors go through the Catholic Schoolhouse Tour Guide’s memory work for the week (e.g., Geography, Religion, Science, Math, Latin, History, etc.). Tutors lead students in the following:

  • Science experiments, corresponding to the memory verse in science for that week
  • Art class, with artwork corresponding to the history timeline (e.g., cave art, Egyptian art, art found in ancient Greece, etc.)
  • Chorus: the children sing songs together
  • Recorder lessons for the 1st-6th graders

It is such a blessing to know that the students are experiencing a science experiment every week. They learn about proper lab etiquette (e.g., don’t eat in the science lab), and learn the basics to start to think like a scientist.

I am very grateful that Catholic Schoolhouse has a strong art program. Not only do they learn about art history that corresponds to the timeline…not only do they learn proper techniques for painting, drawing, etc….but I do not need be worried about taking out and cleaning up after art projects at home! Let’s be honest, many homeschooling moms and dads find it hard to take out paints and art supplies every week while balancing other home responsibilities.

For memory work at the co-op, the Grammar tutors lead the children through fun games. Students also gain the experience of being in a classroom setting. They learn how to follow rules, such as sitting quietly, raising your hand, learning to ask appropriate questions in a group setting, walking in a line, pushing in chairs, and helping classmates. As homeschoolers, these are classroom skills that are hard to learn at home.

We also have lunch at the co-op. It gives the students and moms time to chat. The co-op allows families to have friendships that can grow and be relied upon each week. From a social-emotional perspective, it is healthy for the children to see their friends consistently.

This is our first year doing the co-op, and I am pleasantly surprised how much all of the children absolutely love it. Children who have been sick and have needed to stay home have been very sad to miss co-op day. You would expect most kids would be happy to miss a day of classes–but this is not the case with Catholic Schoolhouse! It is a major highlight of the children’s school week.

I love how the students get to see other adults who love God. They see adults who love what they teach. They see moms who love science. They see moms who have a gift for art. They hear moms who have the gift of singing. They see moms who are knowledgeable about a variety of subjects. It’s a way to support us, as the primary educator, that the content we are teaching in-depth at home is not just important to us parents, but is important to many people in their community and in the world.




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