Good Morning! It’s Monday!

251Are you prepared for today? God has many gifts in store for you. He has special requests that He would like to ask you to do today, if you are open to His will. Have you asked Him what He needs your help with? Can you be His hands and feet? Are you ready?

Ask Our Lord in prayer, “Lord, what would you like me to do today?”

Go ahead.

I’ll wait.

You might have to wait a LOOOONG time until you get a sense of what He would like you to prioritize. That is ok. Start to sketch out what you will do this morning. Visualize it. If you have a usual routine for every Monday, reflect on that. If you don’t have a firm plan, ask God to guide you. You can keep these thoughts in your head as you speak with God, or write them down.

If your children are coming into the kitchen for breakfast right now…well, then God is probably asking you to feed His sheep! Stop reading this, and come back to this post later.

If you have more time to pray, you can wait and listen longer. Get your Bible, and open it up. Sketch out your day and prioritize with God’s priorities.

It’s ok. I’ll wait for you to grab your Bible.

Now open up to the Gospels. I once heard a very holy man speak named Cardinal Arinze who recommends reading from the Gospels every day. I see a lot of wisdom in this recommendation! Read a brief passage and really visualize what you read. See Jesus. See Mary.

If you have a lot of emotions you are sorting through that might prevent you from doing God’s will, you might find it helpful to open up to the book of Psalms. Go ahead and flip to the Psalms; you will soon find something that fits your emotions–joy, frustration, anger, or whatever you feel, or choose a Psalm about how you want to feel.

Breathe. Listen.

Is there something “extra” God would like you to focus on today? Is there something you keep forgetting to do? The Apostles of the Interior Life, who are very happy and holy religious sisters from Italy, recommend that when you read from the Bible, you should try to make one resolution that changes you.

Think back to the scripture you read and your silent prayer with God. What “extra” change might you do today for God?

  • Trust in Him more? And say, “Jesus I trust in You” whenever you doubt?
  • Remind yourself, “Be not afraid.”
  • Try to show joy more. Smile at your children more?
  • Try to show love more. Look at your children in the eyes more?
  • Ask your children to let you have a short break during the morning to rest your weary body?
  • Call your husband at lunch and say, “I love you.”
  • Have more patience with your children….and yourself.
  • Help your child with math facts? Again, fulfill the duties God has called you to do.
  • Read to your toddler, who often does not get alone time with you because the older children have more academic needs?
  • Eat breakfast? Take care of the body God has given to you.
  • Have the children do their most important schoolwork, and then stop early and visit someone who is sick, or visit a friend.
  • Write a letter to someone you know who is imprisoned.

I don’t know what the Lord is asking you to do, but you can try to listen for His quiet whisper…or His quiet nudge.

If you really cannot discern any resolution for what God might be calling you to do today that is different from any other day, that is ok! Maybe He wants you to continue your usual routine and complete it diligently and with love. Or maybe He will reveal later what He needs you to do, but it’s not time to reveal it yet. God does not want you to have anxiety when you are trying to listen to Him. “Be not afraid,” as God says many times throughout the Bible.

He’s not always asking us to make big, radical changes. He invites us to Love Him, and He always loves us first. Accept Jesus’ love today, and ask Him to be with you and your family during your homeschool journey today. I have to tell you….on the days when I ask God, “What can I do for you today?” He always surprises me and gives a special mission. When it “pops up” during the day, it is quite exciting to see it unfold.

Take a deep breath, and serve Our Lord this morning.












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