Tour of Homeschool Materials for Religion

Here is a quick “tour” of the materials we are using this year for teaching the children about God, His holy Word in the Bible, and about the Catechism (to help them live out their faith). My son is in Kindergarten and my daughter is in 2nd grade. My 3-year-old daughter is in what we call “Teeny Tot School.”

Here are some of the resources we use for Religion:

2015-08-20 23.32.10

The coloring books are from Seton. My favorite one is “God’s Rules for Me.” My daughter loved it when she was in Kindergarten, and my son likes it now, too; it teaches about the Ten Commandments. It’s a good quality story book and coloring book for a very reasonable price.

My 3-year-old daughter likes the religious coloring books we have (pictured above), especially if there is a flower or a girl on a page (ha!). Any excuse to use pink or purple while coloring makes her heart glow with joy. She likes to color while her big brother and sister are doing their schoolwork.  I keep my 3-year-old’s “teeny tot school” low-key and a happy time.

Last summer, we used Classically Catholic Memory. I love their materials! They cover many topics, including memorizing Bible verses (e.g., Genesis versus 1 & 2) and Catechism (e.g., What is the purpose of life?). Once we started participating in a Catholic Schoolhouse co-op, we took a break from CCM. I plan to do more of Classically Catholic Memory over this summer. It would be too complicated to do CCM and Catholic Schoolhouse at the same time; they are both memory work programs with a CD.

Catholic Schoolhouse covers religion (in addition to many other topics, such as math, science, art, geography, and Latin). A part of the program teaches about holy men and women who are canonized saints. Important Biblical events are included as a part of the history timeline (e.g., events that involved Jesus, David, Daniel, Nebuchadnezzar, etc.).


We have not yet used The World of the Bible resource (pictured at the top–I took this picture at the beginning of the school year). Although I ordered it last summer for this year, I decided to postpone it at least another year. It looks like a great resource, but I think since we have so many other good materials, I will wait at least another year. As a teacher, it’s a blessing that we see our students for more than one grade and can look at “the big picture.” We can choose which materials are most relevant to a child at a particular age, and we can purposefully postpone good quality resources for a future year of our child’s schooling.

My 7-year-old daughter is going through Reading 3 and Reading 4 from Seton. Reading 3 and Reading 4 have Bible stories followed by reading comprehension questions for the children (e.g., multiple choice or open ended).

This Is Our Parish and Little Acts of Grace, sold by Seton, are good read-a-loud stories. They have positive stories from a child’s perspective about being a Christian and living the Christian life.

I really like the Catholic Children’s Bible. It is a sophisticated children’s Bible because it has chapters and verses numbered for each book of the Bible. It is also child-friendly, which I love since my daughter is only in 2nd grade. This Bible includes pictures in color, explanations about the Bible stories, and suggested activities to teach Biblical truths. It is good for read-a-louds. My daughter can also read it on her own, and it is a way to start to familiarize herself with the Bible’s verses. This will be a good Bible to use for the family for many more years to come and is a good transition (I predict) to an adult Bible.

2015-08-20 23.32.49

The Bible that my kindergartner LOVES is The Beginner’s Bible. He independently chose to read it last summer from cover to cover, and he’s read through parts of it “for fun” since then. It’s like a ton of “early reader books” in one spot, and more importantly, it teaches the scripture stories in a kid-friendly way. When my 2nd grader was younger, she loved it, too.

During Advent, we have a Jesse tree, and we read an Old Testament Bible story every night that points to the coming of Jesus. We read The Beginner’s Bible because it works well for the ages of our children (ages 3, 6, and 7). If you are looking for a family Bible that works well for children from ages 1-7+, I highly recommend The Beginner’s Bible! If you order it, I recommend getting the Bible carrying case, too, to protect and preserve it–plus, it’s adorable and priceless to see your child carry his Bible in a carrying case around the house!267

I hope you enjoyed seeing another homeschooling family’s resources for teaching about God, His holy word in the Bible, and the Catechism to help guide their life as a Christian. There are so many resources available! We are blessed I didn’t even mention the music that we listen to, or the church hymns that we sing at home during Advent or Lent (that’s for another post!).

I am sure you have good ideas and much loved resources and traditions, too! Feel free to share any of your favorite ideas in the comments section.






























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