Affording Family Movie Night

Family Movie Night can be really affordable. Choose a simple meal (e.g., frozen pizza instead of ordering delivery), and choose a movie that is free or low cost! As I’ve mentioned before, we have family movie night on Fridays.

  • Library. They have a ton of free movies to check-out! There are many good movie options that your local library has from the 1980’s-present. Even if the library closest to your house does not have a big selection, if your library is a part of a library system, you have many options for DVDs.  Online, I can reserve movies a few days in advance of our Friday Family Movie Night. On Thursday or Friday, my husband or I can pick-up the DVDs from the library. It’s very convenient and free! Just don’t forget to return them before the due date–libraries often charge $1 or more per day overdue. Our library lets us have a DVD for 7 days, and we can usually renew it online at least once.
  • Netflix. We have a Netflix subscription and stream it from our tv using Roku. We try to add potential movies to “My List” during the week.
  • Amazon Prime. We have an Amazon Prime subscription and can stream it to our tv using Roku. We try to stick with only the free movies; we avoid paying for a movie.
  • Red Box. We sometimes get a movie from Red Box. It has to be returned in about24-hours, but it’s very convenient, quick, and affordable.
  • DVD collection. We have a small DVD collection with kid-friendly, full-length movies; we have about a dozen that we’ve collected over the years that are kid-friendly. Although we own many educational DVDs (e.g., Leap Frog, Brother Francis, Donut Man, Boz), we don’t watch those during Family Movie Night. If there is a movie that we think the children would watch repeatedly, we will wait to purchase it for a special event (e.g., birthday or Christmas).

I bet you have some ideas where else you can find affordable movies! Feel free to list some ideas in the comments section.



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