Have a Read-Aloud Marathon!

This week, we are having our first ever Children’s Picture Book Read-Aloud Marathon.* We are putting aside our usual homechool routine. We are off from our co-op. It’s a perfect time for a read-a-loud marathon! Plus, it’s March. We desperately need something to shake up our weekly homeschool routine, yet still accomplish learning goals.

My Hopes for the Week

I want to make sure my children and I have a chance to enjoy time together and share good quality stories together. We are blessed to stay home and homeschool, and I want to have memorable times with them that they can look back on and remember with joy and love.

I want to choose books that mean something to our family. I want to read stories with good morals and lessons. I want to read stories that talk about life in other countries. I want to read stories about life in a different time period. I want stories that encourage wonder in my children. I want stories that make them laugh! I would like our Children’s Picture Book Read-Aloud Marathon to be a BIG deal to my children. I want it to be FUN. I want it to be MEMORABLE. And if it goes well, I hope it will become a new tradition.


Making it Memorable

During our Children’s Picture Book Read-Aloud Marathon, I am planning to make it fun by doing some extras. Although we do read-alouds every day, and although they have quiet reading time every day, I want this to be a special time. For example, at least once in a day, we will:

  • Read in a tent. If it’s nice out, we’ll do an outdoor tent. If the weather turns cold, we’ll make a blanket tent.
  • Read in front of a warm fire in our fireplace.
  • Read around the table as we sip tea or hot cocoa.
  • We’ll read in our guest bedroom (I think Anne of Green Gables would approve. Being in the guest bedroom is extra special, especially if no guests are there–ha!)
  • We’ll read on a picnic blanket outside if we are blessed with a warm day, or we will read on a picnic blanket inside of our house.

Reading on the couch, in a child’s room, or any of our “usual” spots are ok, too. When we are reading together, I like to make sure that everyone has a blanket and pillow to feel warm and cozy.

Frequency of Reading Sessions

I hope to have a few reading sessions per day.

  • Morning reading session, after lunch and morning chores.
  • Afternoon reading session, after lunch and playtime outside.
  • Bedtime reading session, after dinner.

If we can squeeze in a fourth reading time during the day, that would also be great, but three times is my goal. After all, the I still have to feed the children!

Would You Like to Have One, Too?

If you like this idea, I encourage you to select a week and get it on your calendar. It would be wise to choose a week that is not too busy without outside commitments (e.g., co-op, birthday party, dance recital, etc.). This will give you the freedom to put aside most of your usual routine, but still have time to make meals and feed your family! Choosing a lighter week will allow you to give yourself permission to sit with your precious children and enjoy the wonderful world of storybooks together! Here are some more practical tips on how to plan for your first Children’s Picture Book Read-Aloud Marathon.


*I totally made up the title, “Children’s Picture Book Read-Aloud Marathon.” I think it will work!


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