Planning for a Read-Aloud Marathon

If you are going to plan a Children’s Picture Book Read-Aloud Marathon, here are some tips that might help!

  • Choose a week that is not too busy with outside commitments. You want a time where you can enjoy being with your children and not worry about making it to places on time. You want to be able to give yourself permission to make time to read aloud to your children.
  • Find a list of good quality children’s literature to inspire you.
  • Reserve books at the public library. You can do this on-line to save time at many libraries.
  • Go to your bookshelves and pull books that are meaningful to you. Ask yourself:
    • What books do I love to read to my children?
    • Which books did I love as a child?
    • What books have I always meant to read to my children, but I keep forgetting?
    • What books were my oldest children’s favorite that my youngest child would enjoy now?
    • What books should I make sure I read, or else I will feel really sad if I never expose one of my children to it? What if I miss the opportunity to read this book, and all of a sudden my children are out of the house and I look back, regretting it was not read? (Yes, I have feelings about certain books like this. Don’t you?)

After you gather your giant pile of books from your home and library, put it all out on the floor. Find themes, and group your books into themes.

Here are the themes and books that I chose this time:

Books about that Teach about Love:

Books about Love
More Books about Love

Some Classic Books:

Classic Stories

Books about Vehicles:

Vehicle Collection: Planes, Trains, Automobiles, and Horse-Drawn Carriages



Books that Teach about Food Allergies:

With my son’s food allergies, these are helpful in teaching about safety and health.

Basic Concepts and Pre-Reading Skills: Numbers, Letters, and Nursery Rhymes

Basic Concepts and Pre-Reading Skills

Special Bedtime Stories:

Bedtime Stories

Hodge-Podge Collection of Stories that Didn’t Fit Elsewhere!

I like these, and I want to read them with my children, too!

If you are planning a Children’s Picture Book Read-Aloud Marathon, I hope this will help you get started! Be sure to get it on your calendar, tell your spouse about it, get your children excited, and get ready for a wonderful marathon of reading! Give it a try and then let me know how it goes!



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