Contemplating Jesus during Easter with Artwork

Happy Easter to you sweet homeschooling moms! God has given us such a tremendous gift to take away our sins, conquer death, and show us that there is life after death. Wow!

I was once in a Bible study that met once per week during the 40 days of Lent and also met once per week for the 50 days of Easter. It was refreshing to be a part of a small group that not only had a huge focus during Lent, but also a big focus on the joys of Easter.

Do you have any hopes and goals for the Easter season? For you? For your homeschoolers?

Maybe you’re thinking, “But I just got through an amazing Lent…I am not ready to make any new spiritual plans.” That’s ok, I am not saying to make the Easter season into something like Lent! Lent is an intense time of prayer, fasting, and almsgiving to prepare us for Easter. Easter is a time of joy, especially during these first 7 days of Easter.

What I would like to gently suggest is to spend some time during the Easter season contemplating these days when Jesus was here on Earth, in His resurrected glory, before He ascended into heaven.

Let me lead you on a brief walk through three pieces of religious artwork to help us both think about Jesus after the Resurrection. Try to imagine what it was like during the very moment in time shown in the painting. What would you have thought if you were an observer? What would you have thought if you were the person next to Jesus and He was speaking to you? What would Jesus need? What would you need? Try to pause at each picture to contemplate the moment with Jesus.

What was it like to see Jesus on the day of His resurrection after He left the tomb?

Noli me Tangere, Fra Angelico

What was it like on the road to Emmaus? What if you were fishing when Jesus walked by? What if you were next to the disciples and He was talking to you, too? Would your feet be hurting from the long walk? Could you still pay attention to His words if your feet hurt? Would Jesus’s feet hurt?

Landscape with Christ and His Disciples on the Road to Emmaus, Jan Wildens

How was Jesus feeling while He was waiting to finish cooking the fish? How hungry was He? If you were there, would you be able to stay and focus on His words, or would you be too hungry? 

Meal of Our Lord and the Apostles, James Tissot

Jesus was really here, walking and breathing, on this very earth you currently exist on, after He rose from the dead. He really rose from the dead, body and soul. He did this for the love of you. For the love of your spouse. For the love of your children. For the love of your parents. For the love of His enemies. For the love of all of humanity. “There is no greater love, says the Lord, than to lay down your life for your friends.” (John 15:13).

Easter Challenge: Read through the end of the Gospels from the Resurrection to the end of each book. Read some passages with your children during read-aloud time. If you feel so moved, share the artwork in this post with your homeschoolers. You could use the Picture Study post to help you.

The following is where you will find passages about Jesus after the Resurrection in the four gospels:

  • Matthew 28, 1-20
  • Mark 16, 1-19
  • Luke 24, 1-53
  • John 20, 1-30 and John 21, 1-24

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