Telling Stories of Christ in Your Life

“You have a relationship with God that is unique. That is nuanced. You understand some things about (Jesus’) heart that the people around you need to know.” -Andrew Peterson

Have you thought about the story of your life? Where is God in the story of your life? Have you ever tried to consciously appreciate what is good, true, and beautiful about every day life? Can you find God in the arts?

If any of this resonates with you, or intrigues you, please enjoy this talk by Andrew Peterson. He was a pastor’s son, attended a Bible college, and became a musician. Through his love of music and books, he discovered a depth that only God can provide.


I love how Andrew Peterson asks, “Who is the main character of good stories?” Christ. Think about the stories that CS Lewis, Tolkein, George McDonald, G.K. Chesterton, and similar authors others wrote. What makes their stories good, true, and beautiful? God is in them. Just as in our life, God is with us always, whether we notice Him, feel His presences, or not.


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