Geoboard App

Today for BJU Math, I watched the brief and helpful “Mom’s Minutes.” Mrs. Walker, the teacher, explained that my student would need a geoboard. If I didn’t have one, BJU had a piece of paper in the materials that had dots on it like a geoboard that could be used. I was momentarily distraught, “I always wanted a geoboard, but they use rubber bands and my son is allergic to them…and we don’t have them. What will I do?” I know, over dramatic thoughts….My daughter asked me what’s wrong, and I told her that we needed a geoboard. She quickly remembered, “Papa’s iPad has a geoboard app!” I love when my kids have a better memory than me.

My daughter was able to use the “Geoboard” app during the lesson. Later in the day, my son, who is in kindergarten, enjoyed using it, too! They made different shapes and could change the angles. There are different colored “rubber bands.”

If you have an iPad, you should check it out. The app is free! If you do not have an iPad, you can look here, and you should be able to download it on other devices. I love that the Geoboard is a simple, no-mess way to get children thinking about shapes and how to change their sizes.



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