Take a Little Time for a Hobby

You probably hear it often that you should make sure you make time for you. On top of loving God with all your heart, mind, and soul, you should love your neighbor. Not only should you love your neighbor, but you should love your neighbor as you love yourself (Jesus says so!). This means that it is important to love yourself.

Given that you spend most of your awake and sleeping hours focusing on your family, please give yourself permission to do something that your soul enjoys.

For me, one hobby I enjoy is sewing. I can’t sew a dress, but I can make some simple things. I probably pull out my sewing machine 2-3 times per year to make something. Whenever I do, I think, “I should sew more often!”

What is something that you enjoy? What is something that you can create? Can you find time to make something simple in the next month? I encourage you to try. It is refreshing to take time for a hobby.

Here is something that I finished tonight. It is a gift for my new niece.


It is really simple to make this gift. If you have a sewing machine, and if you are a beginner like me and know how to sew in straight lines, you can make it.


I bought the blank bag from Hobby Lobby (easy!). Then I bought some ribbon, measured it, and cut it. To make sure the edge don’t fray, I used a match to briefly burn the edges of the ribbon (if you don’t know what I’m talking about, please ask me questions in the comments). Then I sewed the ribbon around the top of the bag. Then I used the heart stitch on my Janome sewing machine. Voila! It’s a simple bag to give as a gift for a baby, toddler, or young child. It is just the right size for baby toys and small board books. My children who are 8, 6, and 3 have had bags like this since they were little. They still use it for packing a bag for church or long car trips. It’s a good size for chapter books.

This is my go-to gift when family and friends have a baby. Hobby Lobby also sells the blank bag in blue, yellow, red, green, and purple.

I am blessed that my sewing machine has quite a few options for a decorative sewing stitch. If yours does not have any embroidery options, you could hand-sew a small embroidered design on the front (e.g., centered, just in between the handles), or only add the ribbon. The bag looks nice with just a ribbon on the edge.

I hope you can squeeze in a little bit of time to do a hobby that you enjoy soon. Whether it’s sewing, knitting, woodworking, or gardening, I hope you can take a little time to love yourself and enjoy a hobby.





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