Our Homeschool Co-op: Grammar Scholars

We are blessed to be a part of a co-op that meets weekly, for a total of 24 weeks of instruction. We also have quarterly field trips, quarterly mom’s night out events, and one end of the year performance for the children. We have 16 families. Counting the babies, we have 48 children at our co-op.

We are a chapter of Catholic Schoolhouse, which has a classical approach to education. Our program has a nursery, Grammar I (grades 4K-1st), Grammar II (grades 1st-6th), and Dialectic (grades 7th-9th). For the Grammar scholars, we have a weekly science project, art class, and chorus. Every week, they cover 11 subjects, including math, science, religion, history timeline, geography, music, saint, art, Latin, and language arts. The scholars give 1-2 presentation every quarter. I am the director of the program, and we have tutors who teach the classes.

If you are not involved in a co-op, I encourage you to look into options in your community. They are usually offered once per week, or sometimes just once per month. You might find one in your town, or you might have to drive a distance. We have some families who drive 30-50 minutes to the co-op. Given that co-ops are usually only once per week, try to be open about driving a distance, if need be. If there are no co-ops in your area, start talking with other homeschool families and see if you might start one.

Here are some art and science pictures from our co-op:

Watercolor painting focusing on perspective by my 1st grade son
Watercolor painting by my 3rd grade daughter
Garden Stone
Rocket Launch
Pompeii drawing with oil pastels

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