Game of the Week: Soccer Goals

We are enjoying beautiful fall weather in the mid-west. It is October, and there are still warm breezes to enjoy. Winter will come, but not yet. Not for another month or two. I try to give my children a morning recess and an afternoon recess. It’s important (to me!) to make sure they have a chance to be active, get their heart rate up, get fresh air, play, and get vitamin D from the sun. A nice way to enjoy the weather is to practice making soccer goals.

If you do not have a soccer net in your yard (we don’t!), you can improvise.


Take two chairs from your patio, and place them far enough apart in your yard to be like a soccer goal. Then give your child a ball, and let him/her see how many goals he/she can make. Don’t have patio chairs? Then try to kick the ball in between two trees in your yard. No trees? Then find two other objects to be the edges of your goal. Rocks would work, too.

Then let your children take turns kicking in a goal. You don’t need to have a goalie. Just let them practice their kicking skills. Kick, make a goal, then run to get the ball.

It’s really fun. Once they made 10 goals from one spot, then they could move farther back to find more of a challenge.

After playing the game of making soccer goals, your children will be more likely to feel refreshed and ready for school work. It is a win-win. Getting exercise has a great way of giving a child (or adult) more energy. It’s counter-intuitive, but true!





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