Gift of Service from Husbands to Wives: Take the Kids Out of the House

If you’re like me, and you’re the primary teacher of the children in your homeschool, you might find it nice at times to have “quiet time” with no children in the house.

Don’t get me wrong. I know you love your children, and they love you, but time apart can do wonders for the heart. Wives, please be direct. Ask your husband if he might be able to take ALL of the children out of the house at least once this week for a stretch of time (unless you have a nursing infant who cannot be apart, have a sick child, etc.). If at all possible, see if you can make it work.

Likewise, if you’re a dad who is the main teacher, also feel free to ask your wife to take the children out. She’ll probably appreciate some special time if she is working all day. Maybe she can take the children to a special Christmas story time at the library in the evening.

Then go ahead and plan what you’ll do. During Advent and Christmas, all moms and dads have an extra long to-do list.

Today, my awesome husband came home from work and took the kids straight to our gym. One of our daughters has ballet lessons there. My son will go to the childcare room and have fun playing and coloring. My oldest decided to bring her homeschool materials with her to work on her speech for our co-op. She has library books to read and take notes. The speech isn’t until January, but I am not going to stop her (she is way more organized at her age than I ever was!). I am grateful that they were all happy to get out of the house.

Now I have my Christmas lights on, and I am tidying up the house. I am enjoying some Christmas music, streaming from Amazon Prime. They have a Nat King Cole album, and it is beautiful.

After I do the basics around the house (dishes, laundry), I will get items ready for St. Nicholas Day tomorrow. I have a few things purchased for the children, and I would like to get them ready to put in stockings tonight after the children are asleep. I will also need to go out tonight to get some fruit…but if I really run out of time, I will keep it simple and just put fruit from our fruit basket into their stockings. It worked last year. Just today my son said in a happy voice, “And last year I got three pears!” Hopefully this year there will be more variety.

Simplicity is ok. I need to remind myself.

I hope you can plan some time in the next week to have the house to yourself to prepare for Christmas, have some prayer time, clean the house, take out Christmas decorations, etc. Or if everyone is out of the house, you could take a nap, or watch a movie! You homeschooling moms and dads need some peace and quiet during this season of Advent.










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