Simple Morning Prayer with Children

Do you have 3.5-minutes you can set aside during your homeschool morning for prayer with your children? If you answer yes, let me share one idea that might work for you.

Step 1: Recite this prayer: “Good morning dear Jesus, this day is for you. We ask you to bless us in all things we think, say and do. Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, help us to be a holy family.”

Step 2: Ask each child, “Who and what would you like to pray for today?” You, the adult, also should have a chance to say who and what you would like to pray for today.

Step 3: Say an Our Father, Hail Mary, and Glory Be.

That’s it! Then you can move on with your morning chores, get started on school lessons, etc. It really only takes 3.5 minutes (with three children) to do this. If you have 10 kids, it would take longer, but well worth it.

When my family does this prayer routine, I love how it calls us to remember Jesus and what’s most important. It also gives me a glimpse into my children’s hearts about who is most important to them and what their hopes are for the day.

It gives me a chance to model for the children different intentions as an example to them. If they generously pray for family members (e.g., “I pray for my grandparents.” and “I pray for Papa.”), then I might pray for another group of people, such as those who are homeless and need shelter, or I might pray for a friend I know who is sick. Or I might not try to lead by example, and I might just say whoever is on my heart.

I used to only ask my children to each say what they would like to pray for, but then I realized something was missing. They might choose to pray for someone, but not ask for help for something that they need help with from God. Or vice versa.

I think asking what a child wants to pray for is a good way for young children to realize that their personal relationship and friendship with Jesus is important. Jesus wants children to come to him with their problems, hopes, and dreams.

Asking who they want to pray for each day shows there is value in offering prayers to Jesus for other people, too. Jesus wants children to think about other people and pray for them. It creates a more generous heart at a young age, and it unites us as children of God.

We say this prayer routine at the breakfast table, at the school table, or when we have to drive somewhere first thing in the morning (e.g., co-op, or library). We are usually sitting when we say it. Flexibility and simplicity is helpful.

What morning prayer routines do you have with your children? Do you have a school specific prayer that you say each morning?





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