Plan Your Weekly Goals & Keep Focused

It’s Monday! Maybe the sun is rising where you are and you’re having a cup of coffee and toast. Or maybe you’re reading this while your homeschool children are having recess outside, and you’re taking a break to recharge for the next round of schooling. Do you have a specific plan for this week? If not, let’s talk about planning. If you take just a few minutes to plan out a few of your weekly goals, you will be much more likely to achieve your goals by the end of the week.  Maybe you have a general daily routine that you follow in your homeschool program (which is great!), but having some overall goals for the week can help you prioritize what is most important.

Here are some broad, goal-setting ideas for setting 3 big weekly goals. These are flexible goals that can be changed from week to week. As you set them, keep in mind your long term goals, and your daily goals. Your weekly goals are a bridge between what you do daily and what your long term goals are.

  1. What subject does each child need to focus on the most this week?
    • Is the child loving a new topic (e.g., dinosaurs), and would benefit from having extra time to research, write, and discuss the topic?
    • Is the child behind in a subject?
    • Is there a subject your child is weaker in? Could spending extra for one week make a significant difference long-term? (e.g., spend extra time learning math facts 2-3 times/day, spend extra time on handwriting 2-3 times per day)
  2. What is one special activity you can do with your children this week? How can you show your love for them by spending some special time together?
    • If your children only do read alouds as a group, could you spend time with each child this week reading something one-on-one? Reading together at any age is a beautiful way for a parent and child to spend time together.
    • Make some time to play a game with the children. Just 20-minutes can be a lot of fun. As a group, our kids (ages 8, 7, and 4) enjoy Jenga, Don’t Break the Ice, Operation, and Candy Land. Our older children enjoy Rummikub, Sum Swamp, Blokus, and Mastermind.
    • Is there time to go out to a new museum? Host a play date? Go to the library?
    • Make a craft. If you’re the type that never likes to take out messy art supplies, carve out 30-minutes to get out paper & watercolors. Let your kids have fun painting and (after it dries) proudly display it on your fridge! If you’re the type who loves art projects, find an extra fun one to make this week. Deep Space Sparkle has some really good ideas.
  3. What virtue would you like your children to grow in this week? The virtue our family is studying this month is respect. We completed some of the virtue activities from the Dominican Sisters in Nashville.Those amazing sisters put together a ton of free resources for a variety of age groups to teach 27-virtues. They have a three year cycle. The virtue of respect is in their third year cycle (scroll down to the bottom of the linked page). Respect is a difficult topic to define with young children, but the Dominican Sisters came up with some beautiful resources.

As home educators, my husband and I value teaching our children the true, the good, and the beautiful. As the primary educator, I strive to seek a balance in teaching the children. I would like them to notice and appreciate how amazing this world is that God created. I would like them to appreciate the beauty around us. I would like to teach the children to seek goodness and virtue and serve our Lord. I want them to feel loved and know that they are loved. What are your “big picture” hopes and dreams for your children?  How can you incorporate some of your “big picture” hopes and dreams into your weekly goals?

I encourage you to plan out your week for your children’s schooling. An hour-by-hour schedule is nice (and you could do that sometime, too), but having some weekly goals is a good way to start out the week. If someone gets sick, or you have to take your van in for unexpected repairs, then having a few key goals for your schooling will help you keep up with what is most important. Just a little bit of planning can really help you accomplish your goals.





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