Interior Spiritual Life of a 7-Year-Old

Today was a typical Sunday. We went to mass as a family, we had lunch, and I took a nap. We followed our rule that if the children watch any tv, it has to be a “Jesus movie” (which is our term for watching any religious movie).  Today, they chose a DVD from The Beginner’s Bible series, and they watched, The Prince of Egypt on Netflix. The kids did some cross-country skiing. Two of our kids took naps. We had dinner.

After dinner, I asked the kids to clean their rooms before bedtime. I was in the kitchen, and I notice my son is carrying a toy down to the basement to put it away. He pauses mid-way down the steps. Looking up at me, he says, “Mommy, I think 2017 should be ‘The Year of Doing God’s Will.’ What do you think?”

Mommy’s draw drops. “Yes, son, that’s a great idea.” As a family, we once had a,”Year of Putting Things Away,” and a “Year of Less Stuff,” but we had not yet decided on a family theme for 2017.

Son explained further, “Yeah, because don’t you think I need to work on, you know, doing God’s will?”

Mommy’s heart silently leaps for joy, and repeated herself, “Yes, that sounds like a great idea.”

Son puts away the toy, and then goes to see his 4-year-old sister to ask, “Do you think 2017 should be The Year of Doing God’s will?”

Sister, “Sure!”

Son, “Yeah, it’s like the widow. Do you remember the story of the widow who gave away all of her money? In the Bible? Like how it’s better to give your own money at church, and not just Mommy and Papa’s money? I think we should give some of our own money at church.” They start putting his Legos away in his bedroom.

Then he goes into spiritual director mode, and asks his sister, “What do you want to do when you grow up? Do you want to get married and have kids? Do you not want to get married?”

The 4-year-old says, “I want to get married and be a mommy.”

He said, “Yes, you can get married and be a mommy” and they talk about that for awhile.

Out of curiosity, since I wasn’t sure if he asked, I called out, “Did you ask her if she wants to be a sister?”

He said, in all seriousness, “She is a sister.”

I explained, “No, no…not a sister-sister, but a religious sister, like a nun.”

He understood, “Oh, ok,” and he asks his sister, “Do you want to be a nun?”

She said, “No, I don’t.”

He said, “That’s ok. You can still be in the choir, like Papa.”

She said, “Yes, I want to be in the choir loft like mine Papa! I have to wait until I am 8, and then I can be.”

Oh, these cute conversations these little people have! Their train of thought is something. I really need to write these down more often. If your kids say some really precious things, you should write them down, too. They won’t be this little forever, I have to remind myself. I know I won’t always remember how they speak at these ages.

This was a good Sunday.


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