The Week before School

We are one week away from our first week of the new school year! We are starting on September 5. The public and private schools here wait until after Labor Day, and that works well for us, too! Here is a look at what my family’s week looks like with one week before our homeschool year begins. It is also one week before our first day of Catholic Schoolhouse co-op for the year; I am the director, and there are always a lot of last minute things that come up.

Sunday: Mass, family time, tidy house, laundry.

Monday: Declutter the house, make donations. Organize school room. Work on this for Catholic Schoolhouse co-op.

Tuesday: Catholic Schoolhouse Scholar Orientation Day. Our co-op had an orientation morning where the children could meet their tutors, get a tour of the school, have lunch, and play. After the orientation, I worked on ordering a few items for my family’s homeschool that we still needed.

Wednesday: (This is today, as I write this!) Continue to declutter the house and organize rooms; the more organized things are, the easier it is to do school. I love listening to Organize 365 podcasts for motivation for not just organizing, but also for finding ways to increase productivity. Work on things for Catholic Schoolhouse co-op; make phone calls, send emails, etc. The kids want to have a lemonade stand in the afternoon. Go to adoration with the children and pray for our school year, co-op, family, etc.

Thursday: Organize school books. I will open up my CSH materials (Tour Guide, Science book, Art book), and then look at the materials I have for my kids. I will use sticky notes to flag sections to read for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th quarter (particularly for science, history, and geography). For workbooks books that are used weekly, I will decide how often we need to do pages to complete them in a year. I write in the workbook something like this: “1 page/day, 3 days/week, 3 weeks/month” or “1 chapter/week” or “2 pages/day, 5 days/week, 4 weeks/month.” I like to add in a “buffer” knowing that my kids will get sick, I will get sick, and we will need to travel sometimes during the school year. I like to err on the side of doing more pages per week to allow for the freedom to take time off later…it’s much easier to “get ahead” on school work than to play “catch up,” although sometimes that is unavoidable. Address anything needed for co-op.  Go to Mass as a family for our “Back to School” Mass.

Friday: Prepare for a birthday party this weekend, and prepare to see grandparents. Address any questions/concerns families might have for Catholic Schoolhouse co-op. Continue to prepare materials for math and IEW.

Saturday: Birthday party for some friends. Grill out with grandparents. Address any questions/concerns families might have for Catholic Schoolhouse co-op.

Sunday: Mass. Maybe go to a beach or enjoy nature with the family.

Monday: Labor Day. Visit with family. Grill out. Prepare lunches at night, clothes, etc. for 1st day of the new year. Address any questions/concerns families might have for Catholic Schoolhouse co-op.

Tuesday: First day of the new school year! It’s our first day of co-op and the first day of our homeschool year.


Have you started your homeschool year? I know that some families started in early August, and other families wait until mid-September. Some families homeschool year round, and a new school year might start at any time based on the family’s schedule. I hope you are excited for whenever your new school year begins. I hope your kids are excited, too!




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