Sick for the First Week

Well, we were all excited to start on September 5, the day after Labor Day, but then my 4th grader and 2nd grader were sick with a 100 degree F temperature! They had stuffy noses and were run down. My daughter, who is in Pre-K, was healthy, and she had her first day on Tuesday as planned. Today, Thursday, now I am sick! My 4th grader is almost over her cold, but my son, 2nd grade, has asthma. His colds always last longer than when his sisters’ colds. He still has a cough and congestion. His asthma flared up, like it usually does for a cold. He’s used his maintenance inhaler (Flovent) this morning, and his rescue inhaler, which is what our asthma action plan directs. So far, it’s been 5 hours since he last needed his rescue inhaler! If you are familiar with asthma, that is good when you make it past the 4-hour mark with no significant asthma symptoms! No prednisone needed, and I am grateful. God willing, I think my children will all be healthy enough on Friday for school, and we’ll make that our first day for our whole family to have school, even if we are not all 100%. Sometimes, you just have to make do with how things play out, and then make up for time missed. We’ll have school on Saturday, but then take off Sunday for rest. Then next week, we’ll get back on track and adjust our schedule.


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