Amazon Prime: Little Men Review

Are you looking for something new to watch on Amazon Prime? If you’re like me, after the children are in bed for the night, I sometimes like to watch Amazon Prime or Netflix.I recently watched Little Men on Amazon Prime.

If you love the 1990’s version of Little Women, you will likely enjoy Little Men. This is a two season, 26-episode tv series that was aired in Canada from 1998-1999. If you’ve watched the 1990’s Little Women movie once or a hundred times like me, you might remember the ending of the movie (spoiler alert!!)…..

Jo was engaged to Professor Baer and she had recently inherited Aunt March’s home, Plumfield. Jo and her husband made Plumfield into a boarding school for boys. In the tv series, Little Men, begins after the school has been around for awhile, but about a month after Professor Baer dies prematurely from a heart condition. Jo has a son, who is 5, and she is faced with finding a way for Plumfield to stay open without its lead teacher, her husband, and after a the groundskeeper/caretaker left. The first episode introduces the boys in the school. Soon we find that Jo helps the school grow by admitting girls, including to Amy’s daughter (Amy is Jo’s little sister, who married Jo’s childhood best friend, Laurie/Teddy).

Amy, Meg, and Laurie are regular characters in the series. There is one episode with Marmie and father, but their role is minimal. In some episodes, the main adult characters reminisce about their childhood that we learned about from Little Women, which makes the show both nostalgic and like being a part of their family.

The series introduces delightful school children who are trying their best to live up to Jo’s standards of honor and goodness, yet still make time for play that only Jo March could pull off in the late 1900’s at her boarding school.

The first season of Little Men was stronger than the first season, but the second season still has some episodes that are delightful and thrilling (especially the last episode). The second season has several episodes where it seemed that the season 1’s writers must have been on vacation or medical leave. I almost had to turn off one episode because the quality of the writing was low, but the actresses and actors did their best to pull it off. Those atypical episodes were few, and I am glad that almost all of the series was enjoyable.

I appreciated how in most episodes, the writers had three story lines occurring with a similar theme, although often times the common theme wasn’t apparent until towards the end of the episode. One of my favorite episodes was when a family tried to sue Jo for negligence for not keeping the children safe. Another favorite was when the children learned about philantrhopy. Some episodes can make you laugh and cry, all while balancing the beauty of life at Plumfield, where all children belong and are loved.

I quickly grew to love the “little men” and new “little women” in the tv series. The children had great strength and searched for what was “the right” thing to do in new situations, much like all children do as they grow and mature. For anyone who loves Little Women movies, I highly recommend the Little Men tv series on Amazon Prime.


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