Welcome to “Story of a Homeschooling Family!”

I hope this blog will inspire you on your homeschooling journey.  You might be a new homeschool educator or a veteran. You might be someone who is considering homeschooling. You are most welcome here!

In this blog, I will sometimes have a twist of Saint Therese of Lisieux’s “Little Way.” If you have not read St. Therese’s autobiography Story of a Soul, I encourage you to do so. It’s a remarkable book that will challenge and inspire you to draw closer to Jesus. The title of her book is the inspiration for this blog, “Story of a Homeschooling Family.”

I took this picture at St. Therese’s childhood home in Lisieux, France, in 2005; the house is called Les Buisonetts. I had gone on a tour of her house and stepped out her front door to start walking to Carmel, where St. Therese was a nun. I saw these flowers in her front yard, and I just had to take a picture! The flowers are like a little piece of heaven, created by God, in St. Therese’s hometown as a gift for you and me to see. I hope that you can see your homeschool journey just as simple as this: it is a gift from God to treasure.


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